The Yunmai Smart Scale

If you read my post, A Different Kind of Progress (f.k.a The Madness) you might remember the Yunmai Smart Scale I briefly mentioned. I’ve had the scale for about a year now and I’m still really happy with it. It’s accurate, digital, lightweight and pretty sleek. What’s more is it gives you Biometrics. So, when I step on the scale, I get readings for my BMI, BMR, Body Fat, Water, Protein, etc….


The cool part is all of this syncs via Bluetooth to my phone. The app is really intuitive as well. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the biometrics but I thought they could be used as a guide at the very least. At less than $40 I thought the scale was worth and it was. Yunmai does have a model that is slightly more expensive at around $45 dollars that wasn’t available when I bought mine. To be honest, if this model was available at the time, I would have grabbed it. Aesthetically I think it’s worth the extra $6.00.

I think my favorite part, and the part that really helped me stay motivated, is the graph the app gives me of my progress. The geek in me likes to see the line trending down to my target weight over time. Overall I think this scale was a great investment.